Thursday, July 3, 2008


Okay, so I've gone green-ish and make my own "green" cleaners. Maybe it's where I live, who I hang out with, or all the tv I watch (planet green), that got me started, but I love the way they smell, and it's cheap and we are poor. And I feel good about using them around my kids.

Antiseptic All Purpose Cleaner

30 drops tea tree oil
3 tablespoons liquid soap (I use dr bonners peppermint castille soap)
2 cups water (I use purified)

Mix in a sturdy spray bottle and use anywhere you might use 409, mr clean. I use it to clean my table and counters and I dilute it and use it on my kids bums when they need a little "freshening".

Scrub Happy

1 cup baking soda
30-40 drops essential oil (lemon, lavender, orange)

mix in shaker for powdered sugar or red pepper flakes at the pizza place. Lemon is my favorite and I get cheerful from the smell. dfexsqqw

Use to clean kitchen sink, tub or anyplace you might use comet or ajax. I haven't used it in the toilet yet.

Vinegar and Water

mix one part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle.

I use this to mop my wood floors and to spry down my shower daily (helps with soap scum build up). I also use it as a quick wipe down of the bathroom floors when I don't have time to rinse.

I buy vinegar at costco 2 gallons at a time and add it to every wash load in the fabric softner thingie.

Happy cleaning!


  1. I might brave some of these one day. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

    I posted some pics from our morning at Fort McHenry today.

    Blessings and Happy 4th!!

  2. I have been meaning to do this forever --good ideas.

  3. You are too good. I have to try the vinegar thing. I have been hesitant to use regular cleaners on my wood floor and usually end up just wiping them down with warm water. Thanks for the recipes!