Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 year old baby sitter

I got a much needed shower today. Not that I haven't showered since Alvin left, but I got to do it when I wanted. You see, for the past week I have had to shower either at nap time or when someone else can watch my kids: both are a real pain, because I need a shower to start me moving for the day. But today, I opted to use the resources I have and let Finn baby sit. You can see from the pictures above (twins wearing the outfits grandma sent) that they had a good time: jumping in Q's crib and taking all the stuffed animals out and making a mess. Quincy can climb out of his crib, so Finn shut the bedroom door and tolerated the noise like I couldn't. I may have to pay the consequences (cleaning up their mess) but it might be worth it to shower when I want to.

1 comment:

  1. I think that was a brilliant idea! Cleaning up is definately worth the time to get to relax in the shower. I wait until everyone is asleep at night to take a shower.