Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 weeks down!

So I haven't posted many pictures lately, mostly because Alvin hasn't even looked at a computer in 2 weeks (pictures would be for his benefit too) and I spend all day every day with them, why do I need a picture. I know, for you!

I also haven't posted much, mostly because I don't want to always appear down. I consider myself usually a happy person, but the past 2 weeks have been very challenging. With out regular help with the boys, I feel very overwhelmed and with out evenings with my husband, I feel starved for adult attention. And I will always complain about Alvin stealing the covers, or waking me somehow at night, but I sleep worse in his absence: so I am tired all the time. However, this blog has been great, because I have had a few phone calls from friends who sensed my anxiety and placed late night calls (and that is when I get my dishes done!).

Back to being positive! We went yesterday to the Kitsap county Arts and Crafts fair in Port Gamble. I had never been there before this week and it is a darling little town. My mom and Sol went with my boys and I and had an enjoyable time. It was not crowded at all (bad for sales, good for me) and the weather was nice enough, but not more than 73 degrees. Food, live music and outdoors...can I do this every weekend?

We saw a reptile shows this week; one at teh library and one at the fair yesterday. The library once was good, but had too many snakes for me (and I forgot the camera), but Finn got to hold a boa constrictor, pet a tortoise and pet an alligator. The fair guy was a little smaller audience and we got to high 5 an alligator and pet a gecko and a 2 tailed monitor. The twins were a little restless, and kept gong back and forth from my mom to me.

Alvin's been gone 2 weeks and we have 2 left to go! And it has been decided that we will drive back with Alvin while he finishes, because the house will be ready enough for us to stay there.


  1. It is great that you are still getting out! I know it takes some planning to go anywhere, but I'm sure it's worth it.

    You can complain all that you want on your're safe with us. Sometimes I think I should have 2 blogs. One for the nice things and one for when I just want to complain. It sure would help me blow off some steam sometimes.

  2. Hey there! Don't be so down on yourself! Being a mother is hard work! Taking care of kids without any other adult support (or companionship) is hard work! Kate and I need to put you on speaker phone one day when we are having one of our "moments."

  3. I can't imagine the struggles ou face personally. . . but I see many a mom do this with any number of young children being around the military. Do not think I don't feel for you, though, because I surely do! I remember times when mine were young and Dan was overseas for a year. A year! And, from time to time, even now he ships off a week or more here or there. I think we all starve for adult conversation when we're at home moms. I know I do - and I home school on top of it so I have even less time for moi!

    Hang in there. I love ya!