Monday, June 23, 2008

Finn can ride a bike

Yesterday, I told Finn that he should ask his dad to teach him to ride a 2 wheeler and for some reason (probably because it was going to be a beautiful day and we had nothing else planned) I volunteered to teach him myself.

So much for teaching him...he had the balance thing down and after running with him, like you see in cheesy commercials, for a few seconds he had it. We had to switch to a smaller bike for him to be able to start on his own, but he can now ride a 2 wheeler. And there is only one large scratch on the car from the whole day spent riding.

On Thursday, I was pulling weeds and talking on the phone while the kids were playing in the yard and Quincy (21 months old) kept disappearing. Once, he was running across the pasture, another time he was on the front porch trying on all the shoes we leave out there. I heard him and couldn't see him another time and I "panicked". I kept calling him and he kept talking back to me and his voice was coming from above me? Yep, a few weeks ago, his dad left the ladder up while cleaning out the gutters and Quince had climbed up it and onto the roof. He always has been a climber, but not usually that high. Needless to say, the ladder has been moved and I got him down safely.

Paxton (also 21 months old) tends to stick a little closer to his mom. He's always cheerful and has the cutest little dimple that shows past his bubby (our name for the pacifier). My dad taught him to throw his bubby when he's told "you don't need that bubby, throw it away." It's no wonder we can't find any when bed time comes.

And it looks like it's time for our nightly "bubby hunt."


  1. Way to go, Finn!

    E, if I had a kid climb that high, I'd never sleep!

  2. What a big boy Finn is!!! I can hardly believe it.